Fun Activities for Sober People

Fun Activities for Sober People - women bowling - great oaks recovery centerAlcohol and drugs often make their appearances in people’s lives around social situations.

It is common to hear individuals say that the first time they drank or used drugs was at a party or a gathering with their peers. Alcohol has long been referred to as a “social lubricant”, and drugs like marijuana and cocaine show up on the social scene as well. So what happens when a person decides to pursue the sober life? There is usually a fair amount of anxiety when it comes to social situations. More to the point, how are people supposed to have fun sober? This is a question that plagues, especially in the younger crowd, individuals who are in recovery. Believe it or not, there is a plethora of fun to be had, not to mention remembered, while in recovery from alcohol and drugs. So what are some fun activities for sober people? Here are several examples of fun activities for sober people. Just because you might have done any activity drunk or high, does not mean that you cannot enjoy it sober.

Remember that just like drunk/high does not equal fun, sober does NOT equal boring!

  • Dining out – If you were used to drinking when you went out to eat, being around sober friends and enjoying a great meal out can help you build the confidence you need to go everywhere you want and enjoy it sober.
  • Game night – Whether you have your own place or live in a sober living environment, getting a group of sober friends together to play cards or board games can be a total blast.
  • Comedy clubs – Who doesn’t love to laugh? While there is usually drinking going on at comedy clubs, a group of friends in recovery can have a great time together snacking and laughing it up!
  • Bowling and billiards – Bowling is a fun group activity where people can mingle and have a great time sober. Pool and shuffleboard are entertaining too, and with a group of friends in recovery, the focus is on fun, not drinking or using.
  • Movie nights – Whether you gather at someone’s home or decide to go to a theater, movie night is a classic good time. Throw in some popcorn and sodas, and you cannot go wrong.

Being in recovery is an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself while surrounded by people who are on the same mission — lifelong sobriety. So don’t be afraid to test the social waters and find out what you find to be fun. Life is for the living, so don’t sell yourself short. There are plenty of fun activities for sober people. Staying sober is your main goal now. You have worked hard to achieve your sobriety, so go and enjoy your new life!

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