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Jody Summer Alumni CoordinatorMeet our Alumni Coordinator

Meet Jody Eaton, Alumni Coordinator and Veteran Advocate for Great Oaks Recovery Center. Jody has worked for Great Oaks since July 2019 and grew up not far from Great Oaks Recovery.

She’s drawn to the outdoors and spent most of her childhood and young adult life in the rodeo arena and riding horses.

Unfortunately, Jody understands addiction all too well. “I was in a bad place and knew I needed to get sober. Sobriety was no cakewalk,” she says.  “I argued back and forth with myself and I know what it’s like to struggle.  It’s important to me that people know they’re not alone in their addiction.”

On March 1, 2018, Jody became sober and is living her best life.

In her recovery, Jody enjoys fellowship most of all. Jody is a pillar of strength in the AA Community and runs weekly Zoom meetings for the Great Oaks Alumni.

But, she doesn’t stop there.

Jody is attending Blinn Junior College and plans to transfer to the University of Houston to pursue a degree in Psychology.

When Jody isn’t working, she’s spending time with her 11-year-old daughter and taking her to various parts of the state in her camper. Jody and her daughter enjoy the outdoors and understand the importance of having a mother/daughter relationship. Jody is also very close with her family and enjoys living out in the country.

Jody’s favorite color is Pink, she loves cheering for the Houston Astros and loves the movie Talladega Nights.

Jody stays connected with her Great Oaks Alumni family and encourages them to reach out anytime.

Jody can be reached at: