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Programs for Healing, Programs for Hope

Great Oaks Recovery Center is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas that serves people from all across the United States. We offer a complete and high-quality treatment experience, from detoxification to continuing care, for both you and your family.

Our mission is simple: treat everyone with dignity, and improve the lives we touch by providing treatment for the mind, body, and spirit. Addiction doesn’t discriminate—it’s a brain disease that affects people of all races, ages, cultural backgrounds, and economic status for a variety of reasons. The professionals at Great Oaks understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery simply won’t produce lasting results.

Each individual who turns to us for help receives comprehensive care, customized to address not only their obvious symptoms of addiction, but more importantly, the underlying causes for the behavior. This dedication to treating the whole person is what enables our clients to heal from trauma, better manage co-occurring conditions, and understand that they’re not “broken” and don’t need to be “fixed”—they deserve to be free of pain and enjoy lives of purpose, hope, and joy.

Essential Programs at Great Oaks

About 45 minutes outside of Houston is our 50-acre secluded country estate, the perfect setting for healing, focus, and promise. Our board-certified clinical team uses a multi-disciplinary approach at Great Oaks, which is recognized as one of the premier substance abuse treatment centers in Texas. Our professionals are skilled in addiction science and specialize in alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis. They include medical doctors, licensed and certified counselors, licensed social workers, nurses, and nursing assistants to help people begin the recovery process.


A medically-supervised, therapeutic detoxification phase removes chemical toxins and supports healing with an individualized program plan. Clients receive in-depth assessments to ensure those at risk for physical withdrawals are managed safely and curatively. The goal is to help residents who need detoxification become physically and emotionally comfortable as quickly as possible so they can focus on their treatment and goals free from substance dependency.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the appropriate level of care for a client who needs a safe, structured environment to initiate their recovery. The client resides at the facility and receives treatment around-the-clock in a safe comfortable environment. Clients receive a treatment plan designed for their specific issues that treats the whole self, not just the symptoms of addiction.

Family Program

Too often, families fear attending family programs at inpatient rehabilitation centers due to concerns over confrontations with a loved one and fear of the unknown. At Great Oaks, we create an experience that’s supportive, educational, and positive. They also learn the importance of getting help for themselves to ensure a healthy future.


This program provides comprehensive care and case management for employees struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring conditions. It’s designed to create a treatment alliance between employees, employers and the Great Oaks treatment team to support a sustainable transition back to a productive workplace relationship.

Continuing Care and Alumni Support

The guidance you received at Great Oaks doesn’t stop when you leave. We work with a network of providers around the country to support your next level of care. We connect you with resources such as intensive outpatient facilities, sober living homes, 12-Step programs, relapse prevention strategies, monthly follow-ups, online and alumni support, continual education through our up-to-date blog, and more.

Additional Services for Lasting Recovery

Great Oaks Recovery Center offers detailed extensions of our primary programs that address particular needs such as:

  • Wellness education—learning essential aspects of self-care that support not only physical health, but also emotional and mental wellbeing
  • 12-Step integration—programs such as Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous form the foundation for a chemical-free life, and our staff provides instruction into these coping methods
  • Chronic relapse—compassionate care that delves deeper into causation, triggers, and obstacles that prevent effective recovery

Take a tour, review the FAQs, and then call our admissions team to start your new life today.

For more information about any of our programs, please call us anytime at (877) 977-3268.