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Chronic Relapse

Great Oaks Program Offices - Chronic Relapse Program - Houston Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab CenterGreat Oaks Recovery Center does not believe that relapse is a part of recovery. What we do believe is that relapse is a result of what has not been addressed that created the obstacle to moving forward in a recovered life. Our Chronic Relapse Program is for individuals who have suffered relapse after maintaining some period of recovery from chemical dependence. It offers a specialized process guided by trained counselors to allow discovery of what contributed to the relapse. Specific obstacles to an individual’s recovery are identified, and underlying issues that contribute to the relapse process are examined.

Additionally, the program helps participants identify individual relapse warning signs and learn specific skills that will aid in preventing additional relapses. If needed, time is spent understanding substitute behavioral addictions that can contribute to post-treatment relapses. Such substitute addictions may include addiction to food, sex, work or gambling.

Prior to discharge, an individualized drug relapse prevention plan is designed with each patient to further strengthen the individual’s recovery plan.

For more information about our chronic relapse program, call us anytime at (877) 977-3268.