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Ready-to-Work Program

Ready-to-Work Substance Abuse Treatment Near Houston, Texas

Great Oaks Recovery Center campus and pool - Houston drug rehab facility - ready to work programFor many people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, there are many hurdles to overcome before they seek substance abuse treatment. One primary barrier is whether they can leave their professions safely with a guarantee of privacy and job security.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides some protection for employees who choose treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). However, there are certain FMLA stipulations regarding employer size and other employment factors that might make an individual temporarily ineligible to take a leave of absence with an assurance they can return to work after treatment. So Great Oaks Recovery Center offers another option.

The Ready-to-Work program provides comprehensive care and case management for employees struggling with SUD and co-occurring mental health challenges. The program is designed to create a treatment alliance between employees, employers, and the Great Oaks’ clinical team to support a sustainable transition back to a productive workplace relationship.

How Ready-to-Work Helps You

Employees heal though the latest evidence-based therapeutic models provided by our board-certified clinical team, which uses a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our staff has hands-on experience with alcoholism, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis of mental health and co-occurring conditions.

While each individual enters a Ready-to-Work (RTW) program tailored to their unique needs and goals, here’s a general idea of what to expect.

The Ready-to-Work program can be be tailored to the client’s need, with most programs lasting 28-40 days. The weekly program schedule consists of:

  • Six hours of group cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals build connections through their actions and thoughts, and understand how they relate to addiction triggers and, more importantly, learn how to control triggers with better awareness.
  • Five hours of 12-Step immersion groups to create a pattern of accountability and purpose.
  • Ten hours of process groups—two of which are gender-specific—to receive encouragement, support, and feedback from multiple perspectives about how to move into recovery.
  • Two hours of yoga and meditation to promote better calming habits from within and reduce stress.
  • Additional components such as equine therapy and a family program.

This fusion of modalities has proven to be more successful than just a string of singular methods.

Set on 50 acres of picturesque Texas countryside, the Great Oaks alcohol and drug treatment center provides a haven for healing, with a home-like atmosphere and numerous indoor and outdoor recreational activities. There are also plenty of quiet spaces tucked all around the property that restore vitality, helping you have the time and introspection to redefine your life’s purpose and intent.

Great Oaks: One of the Best Rehab Centers in Texas

Since 2014, we at Great Oaks Recovery Center have committed to produce not only successful outcomes, but also to connect with individuals so they feel understood, acknowledged, and reinforced by what they experience with us.

The RTW program doesn’t end with discharge—we believe continuing care is a lifeline to lasting results. From regular staff follow-up to alumni gatherings, you can trust that once you become a part of the Great Oaks family, you have support and fellowship for life.

Ask our admissions team about how the Great Oaks’ Ready-to-Work program might benefit your you, your loved one, or an employee.

For more information about our Ready-to-Work program, call us today at (877) 977-3268.