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Residential Treatment

Great Oaks Recovery Center Living Room - Residential Treatment - Houston Drug Rehab - Drug Addiction Treatment near HoustonInpatient Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Near Houston

Residential Treatment Near Houston is the appropriate level of care for a person who needs a safe, structured environment to initiate their recovery. Upon arrival, they will receive comprehensive assessments and customized medical and therapeutic continuum of care plans that focus on their specific issues, addressing the entirety of their whole self, including the health of their mind, body, and spirit. Continual onsite treatment, usually lasting 30–45 days, provides them with the foundation of a promising recovery.

This complete integration of wellness is how people emerge from inpatient rehabilitation programs with the strength, insight, and resiliency to create a rich, purposeful life free of chemical dependency.

What You Can Expect During Your Residential Treatment at Great Oaks

Our Residential Treatment Program Near Houston is tailored to accommodate the distinct individual needs of each resident. Learning about our clients’ experiences, belief system, values, and current situation helps our board-certified clinical team develop a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The Residential Treatment Near Houston modalities include:

Our staff members are highly-trained professionals who specialize in drug and alcohol treatment, along with dual diagnosis care. People in our programs benefit from the quality attention provided by a dedicated team of medical doctors, licensed and certified counselors, licensed social workers, nurses, and nursing assistants—all focused on your optimum health. Utilizing innovative methods to better understand and treat addiction, we’ve created a community of hope, help, and healing.

At Great Oaks, we don’t focus on the substance, we focus on the soul. While you can’t change the past, the future is yours to design as you wish.

A Nurturing Environment of Trust

Many people who struggle with addiction do so because they’re surrounded by all the negative influences contributing to their behaviors. Inpatient rehabilitation breaks this cycle.

Changing their environment allows residents to be free of external triggers so they can dedicate attention to the essential work of healing their internal wellbeing. In a safe, nurturing atmosphere, they have the courage to uncover and acknowledge critical truths that provide the valuable insight necessary for lasting recovery.

A Residential Treatment Near Houston

Outdoor pool at Great Oaks Recovery Center - Rehab near Houston, TexasGreat Oaks Recovery Center is a secluded country estate far from the chaos of everyday life. Just 45 minutes from Houston, our tranquil home-like setting offers many amenities, including expansive grounds with walking and running trails, swimming pools, volleyball and tennis courts, and peaceful communal areas. More than 50 acres of stunning Texas landscape offer a welcome retreat for contemplation and discovery.

Learn more about our 32-bed facility and take a virtual tour. Then, reach out to our compassionate admissions staff with questions regarding how Great Oaks’ residential program might be the answer to your or a loved one’s long-lasting sobriety.

Call (713) 769-0102 for more information about our residential treatment program.