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About Us

Great Oaks Recovery Center: Exceptional Substance Abuse Treatment in Houston

photo of the front of the Great Oaks Recovery center Main House - Great Oaks - About Us - Houston Drug Rehab Admissions - Addiction Treatment near HoustonGreat Oaks provides individuals and families with a full continuum of care to move beyond struggles with substance use disorder toward lives renewed with health and purpose. Considered one of the premier detox centers in Houston, we combine progressive techniques and medical expertise with our lush 50-acre campus just outside of the metro—an opportunity to leave chaos behind and allow space for authentic healing, honest reflection, and promising recovery.

Our mission is to improve the lives we touch. Great Oaks’ inpatient rehabilitation programs are designed to ensure each resident has a safe, comforting, and focused treatment experience. Our board-certified clinical team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, featuring hands-on experience from highly-trained professionals who specialize in drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis. People in our programs receive care from medical doctors, licensed and certified counselors, licensed social workers, and a broad range of nurses and nursing assistants.

One of the Best Rehab Centers in Texas

At Great Oaks, we honor each person who places their recovery in our hands and gives us the opportunity to heal their mind, body, and spirit. Every member on our team collaborates to guide residents through individualized addiction treatment, which includes:

  • A thorough diagnosis to uncover contributing factors to addiction such as co-occurring conditions, mood disorders, trauma, and other health issues
  • Supervised and structured detoxification for individuals who require a complete release from physical and emotional chemical dependency before moving forward with addiction treatment and recovery goals
  • Comprehensive and holistic therapeutic techniques that address each person’s specific needs to enable recovery including, but not limited to:
    • Mental and emotional behavioral care
    • Equine, group, humor, individual, and recreational therapy
    • 12-Step programs
    • Exercise and nutrition guidance
  • Family recovery, so an individual and their family members understand how to support one another to move past the complications of addiction and form new communication patterns and potential for connection
  • Nurturing aftercare that doesn’t end when a resident leaves Great Oaks, such as residential alumni groups, relapse prevention planning, continuing care modifications, online community support, and more
  • A Ready-to-Work program, a partnership between an employee and employer for a sustainable transition back into the workplace after addiction treatment

We understand what a monumental decision it is to seek help for drug or alcohol use. Equally as intimidating is the reality of an entire life change. Our staff respects every step a person must take on this journey and is committed to walk alongside each client through the fears, concerns, and expectations that accompany the recovery process. Each person must invest in the work required to heal—but at Great Oaks, they don’t have to do it alone.

Trust Us to Take Care of You and Your Family

If you or a loved one needs dedicated care and support to overcome addiction, choose Great Oaks—a fully-accredited rehabilitation center in Texas featuring a structured but welcoming environment and guidance from people committed to your success. Take a tour, review the FAQs to understand what to expect during the program, and then call our admissions team anytime, day or night, to learn more about how we can help you achieve your life goals.

For more information, call us anytime at (713) 769-0102.

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