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Continuing Care Program

When you make the courageous decision to enter a drug and alcohol treatment center, it requires a lot of trust and faith in the future. You deserve assurances that someone will be there for you not only in the first critical stages of your recovery, but also months and even years later. That partnership begins at Great Oaks.

Upon entering inpatient rehab, you’ll learn a lot of new terms such as discharge planning, relapse prevention, and a continuum of care or aftercare. Here’s what you need to know.

Discharge Planning

photo of Great Oaks Recovery - Continuing Care Planning - Houston drug rehab - drug addiction treatmentCongratulations! After a period of time in treatment—say 30, 45, 60, or 90 days—you’re moving into the next phase of your recovery process. You have new ideas, specific wellness tools, and feel more like yourself than you have in a long while. Now what?

Just as there was a roadmap to follow during treatment, another evolves to take its place now that you’re moving forward. At Great Oaks, our board-certified professionals work on discharge planning right away to ensure you have all the community and recovery resources for your specific circumstances and wellness goals. They often include:

  • Post-treatment living arrangements that encourage more stability, such as sober living, which provides a similar home structure to an inpatient treatment facility along with daily life activities such as work, school, volunteerism, and family and friend outings.
  • Intensive outpatient services, which are an extension of an individualized inpatient care while a person lives at home, goes to work or school, and maintains other daily activities as much as treatment allows.
  • 12-Step programming that’s accessible both in-person and online, because we believe in the foundation of these support networks, including valuable mentoring and sponsorship, so you always have someone to turn to for encouragement and guidance.

Relapse Prevention

Health and wellness are extremely important in the process of recovery. When physical wellness deteriorates, the resulting guilt, depression, or frustration can increases the potential for relapse. So your relapse plan often includes aspects of targeted therapy, exercise, nutrition, mind-body practices for stress relief, and other methods.

We also continue to monitor your progress with our Trac9 relapse prevention program. This helps you and the Great Oaks’ clinicians gain a more thorough understanding of how you’re feeling, what’s working in your aftercare plan, or what needs to be amended so you’re able to experience the sober life you want with ease.

Continuum of Care or Aftercare

Basically, continuum of care and aftercare are the same approaches that share one crucial point: they’re living documents, always flexible and ready to be adjusted right away to accommodate life’s ups and downs. You still have access to Great Oaks’ recovery specialist anytime in the event you need modifications to your recovery plan.

You’ll also continue to be supported through our Recovery Renewal weekends, alumni groups and regular events, additional education and resources found on our blog, and our Facebook community.

Great Oaks: Invested in Your Wellbeing

There are many substance abuse treatment centers in Texas and throughout the country. So why come here? Because you’re not just another resident—our dedication to your health doesn’t end when you walk out the door. We’re your partner for lasting recovery that benefits all areas of your life.

Whenever you’re in a need of a resource, referral, or simply an encouraging, empathetic ear, a Great Oaks’ recovery specialist is only a phone call away. If want support and guidance you can trust to map a joyful life of purposeful recovery, let’s get started—talk to a member of our admissions team today.

For more information about our continuing care planning or any of our programs, call us anytime at (877) 977-3268.