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Wellness Programming

An Investment in the Whole Person

Addiction creates severe malfunction in a person’s body and mind. The liver and kidneys—part of the body’s automatic filtration and detoxification process—become overworked by toxicity, causing a host of other medical issues. False reward-stimulating chemicals replace the brain’s natural “feel good” neurotransmitters, including endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. This full system malfunction affects mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral health management—all of which leads to an illness of the spirit.

Part of the program philosophy of Great Oaks Recovery Center is to care for the whole person. Addiction recovery is more successful when all facets of the mind, body, and spirit are invested in wellness.

The Wellness Program at Great Oaks’ Inpatient Rehab Near Houston

photo of the workout and exercise room at Great Oaks Recovery Center - Wellness Programming - Houston Drug Rehab - houston addiction treatmentThe general guidelines regarding exercise benefits include everything from lowering blood pressure and enhancing weight management to alleviating brooding or rumination and controlling anxiety. Additional wellness techniques essential to addiction recovery include nutrition replenishment and holistic care methods for stress relief and trigger control.

When you arrive at Glen Oaks, the first thing you notice is the beautiful expanse of the Texas countryside that surrounds our facility. This natural environment is just as important to your overall well being as our:

  • Swimming pool
  • Walking and hiking trails
  • Full-service fitness center with cardio and weight machines
  • Volleyball and basketball courts
  • Flag football
  • Yoga
  • Equine therapy
  • Other recreational activities

We believe choosing to be an active participant in your daily wellness makes recovery easier, plain and simple. To help you, we provide the following during the course of your treatment:

  • A professional assessment of your total health profile and rehabilitation requirements through individual medical and therapeutic counseling.
  • Review of your nutritional needs by our dietician and dietary team along with a detailed whole foods plan.
  • An expert staff of personal trainers to help put your physical life back on track and foster a balanced approach to exercise.

Staying at an inpatient rehabilitation facility allows you to have the time and energy to devote yourself to wellness. Can a nutritional overhaul and regular exercise completely undo addiction damage? Not in all cases. But given the right opportunities, we’re wonderful machines capable of healing in many ways.

More importantly, this focused attention to your self-care now establishes valuable routines you can count on when you go home, which become part of your coping mechanisms for relapse prevention. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself—you actually control the path of successful recovery when you make wellness a priority.

One of the Best Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Texas

At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we understand how addiction impacts all areas of your life. We believe you deserve to experience whole-person healing—not to fix what’s “broken,” but to reveal your authentic self, unobstructed by obstacles so you have the ability to thrive.

Our mission is to improve the lives we touch, and offering a comprehensive wellness program as part of our treatment philosophy is just one way we can help. Learn more about what we do, then reach out to a member of our admissions team to get started on your full, rewarding life.

For more information about our wellness program, call us anytime at (877) 977-3268.