We are accepting new admissions but have implemented additional pre-screening procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Great Oaks Recovery Center. **At this time, all family visitation has been suspended until further notice.**

Great Oaks Recovery Center is closely monitoring all coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and is following suggested best practices from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information, please click here.

Wellness Programming

Many of the individuals struggling with addictions have given little to no attention to the physical wellness their body needs. When physical wellness deteriorates, the individual may become more frustrated/depressed and slip deeper into chemical addictions. At Great Oaks Recovery Center we value the total-person approach to recovery. It is when all facets of the mind, body and spirit work together that individuals truly recover. Believing this, we have created a complete wellness program:

  • A professional staff will address your total health needs through individual and group counseling.
  • Your body’s nutritional needs will be addressed by our dietician and dietary team.
  • A medical team will address your body’s healing needs.
  • A trained staff of personal trainers will help put your physical life back on track.

photo of the workout and exercise room at Great Oaks Recovery Center - Wellness Programming - Houston Drug Rehab - houston addiction treatmentRather than implementing a program based on punishment or taking things away, our team maintains a calm, caring stance with the goal of helping the individual define what he or she needs. We believe that clients need to develop a sense of faith and trust in their bodies and that self-care is an important component of any exercise or training program. With the help of exercise trainers, along with the treatment team, we assist the client in developing a unique, healthy, balanced approach to exercise.

We offer a variety of exercise activities including walking, yoga, weight training, elliptical and stair step exercise machines, recumbent bikes and swimming.

We also include exercise geared more for fun than fitness. With this in mind we provide organized games of flag football, basketball, volleyball, marked walking and running paths, and other outdoor activities.

Our exercise trainer, along with the staff, establishes an individualized plan for each client. Our goal is to help each client establish a healthy and balanced pattern of exercise. We re-establish exercise as a way to add joy to each client’s life rather than just a way to burn calories.

For more information about our wellness program, call us anytime at (877) 977-3268.