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Intervention (12-Step Integration)

12-Step Intervention: A Foundation of Support

In 1935, two men in Akron, Ohio—Bill W. and Dr. Bob—realized that alcoholism was a condition severely disrupting their lives. They were struggling with a misunderstood disease who thought if they supported each other, they’d have a better chance of achieving sobriety and renewing themselves with hope and purpose. Over time, groups formed with this same intention, creating a safe space to share the tragedies of and triumphs over alcoholism and working through guidelines—12 in all—to help keep them on track.
These are the humble beginnings of one of the most famous recovery systems in the world—Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In 1951, Al-Anon Family Groups was formed as a support group for relatives and friends of people with alcohol use disorder. In 1953, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) began; and in 1968, Nar-Anon Family Groups offered the same family support to people whose loved ones suffered from substance use disorder.
Today, dozens of other 12-Step programs modeled after the AA and NA philosophies help people overcome compulsive behaviors, find support for numerous conditions from depression to eating disorders, and offer peer guidance for other issues, such as debt control and co-dependency.
At Great Oaks, we strongly believe that AA and NA in particular offer a firm foundation and roadmap to hopeful recovery that includes encouragement, accountability, structure, and validation of success.

12-Step Success in Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Great Oaks Recovery - 12 Step Integration - 12 step meetings - intervention - houston drug rehab - houston addiction treatment centerAA and NA are frequent components in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs because the 12-Step process provides benchmarks of recovery progress that are sometimes challenging to attain without guidance. With each step, a person achieves greater clarity in their sobriety journey.

When someone enters our inpatient rehab center near Houston, part of their immediate continuum of care plan includes regular AA or NA meetings. Our extensive staff of addiction specialists educates new residents on how and why the 12-Steps work, also known in our program approach as the intervention.

This intervention is based on the behavioral, spiritual, and cognitive principles of 12-Step fellowships and focuses on these general goals:

  1. Honesty regarding and acceptance of the need for abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  2. Surrender to a power greater than one’s self, or the willingness to participate actively in the 12-Step process as a means of sustaining sobriety.
  3. An agreement to make amends for harm caused to self and others.
  4. A commitment to work with a 12-Step sponsor for greater accountability and understanding of the process.

“Intervention” might sound like a formidable word, especially if someone required an intervention from friends and family to enter a detox center. It’s all how you look at it: one primary definition of the word is “action taken to improve a situation, especially a medical disorder.” With a brain disease like addiction, it’s essential to intervene with all possible techniques to achieve a successful outcome. At Great Oaks, our medical team of board-certified professionals has used the integration of 12-Step programs with other individualized treatment methods to create whole-person solutions for effective, hopeful recovery.

High-Quality Substance Abuse Treatment in Houston

Just a short drive from metro Houston, Great Oaks Recover Center combines a tranquil setting in the vast Texas countryside with progressive evidence-based addiction treatment to help you or your loved one achieve an authentic, heart-led life free from chemical dependency.

Learn more about our programs, which include intensive therapy, 12-Step support, family guidance, and other specialized methods. Our admissions team is ready to answer all your questions, so call anytime, day or night.

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