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Opiate Addiction Recovery Center in Houston

Substance use Disorders affect an enormous number of people across the globe. Often people find that they cannot overcome their addiction on their own.  Opiate addiction can involve several different types of prescription pain medications and even heroin.  If you or someone you love are struggling with an opiate addiction, Great Oaks Recovery Center can help.  Whether dealing with narcotic painkillers or heroin, our expert team of compassionate professionals can help you begin leading a life free from the grip of opiate addiction.  With our full continuum of care, and our dedicated and compassionate staff, we can offer hope, help, and health.

photo of the front of the Great Oaks Recovery Main House - Great Oaks Admissions - Houston Drug Rehab Admissions - Opiate Addiction recovery center in HoustonGreat Oaks’ opiate addiction recovery center in Houston, Texas provides clients with a comprehensive substance abuse program, beginning with detoxificationOpiate withdrawal can be frightening for individuals, since the body has become so dependent on the drugs.  At Great Oaks, we understand the fear associated with making such a huge change.  Clients who undergo detox can be assured that they will receive the most excellent care available.  Detoxification at our facility is both medically supervised and designed to provide our clients with the utmost safety and comfort.  Specifically trained and licensed nurses are available around the clock, ensuring each of our clients’ physical and mental well-being during this challenging time.

The next phase of treatment at our opiate addiction recovery center in Houston, Texas is our residential program.  This program provides individuals with a safe and structured environment, in which to begin building a solid foundation for lasting recovery.  Clients will benefit from individual and group therapy, psychoeducational group sessions, therapeutic recreation activities, health and wellness groups, alcohol and other drug educational groups, relapse prevention planning, and 12 step integration.  Our goal is to equip our clients with the tools and confidence necessary to create the lives they so deserve.

We also offer a continuing care program, where individuals can meet with our professional team to begin identifying the best options for further support in the community including, sober living, PHP, IOP and 12 step meetings such as NA.  Clients of Great Oaks will have lifetime access to continuing care services we provide, including monthly phone calls, Recovery Renewal weekends, and access to our alumni groups and ongoing alumni events.

Since opiate addiction affects the entire person, mind, body, and soul, we find that opiate addiction recovery is best addressed with a total-person approach is most effective.

For more information about Great Oaks opiate addiction recovery center in Houston, contact us anytime at (877) 977-3268. We’re here to help.