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Celebrity Overdose Deaths

celebrity overdose deaths - stop using pills - great oaks recovery centerCelebrity overdose deaths from alcohol and drugs continue to make the news.

Although individual reasons for using substances differ, many celebrities pay the price of fame with addiction. Usage can begin as a means of recreational fun, or drugs can be medically prescribed for physical pain, stress, insomnia, or depression. Unfortunately, after years of using, addiction will become progressive and will worsen over time without proper treatment.

Some commonalities celebrities may experience with public notoriety are extreme and/or sudden wealth, pressure to perform, high expectations from others, and continuous public scrutiny of their everyday lives. As a result, many turn to alcohol and drugs as a means of self-medication in order to manage the overwhelming feelings that come with the price of fame.

Celebrity overdose deaths have become more prevalent within the past 10 years. From recreational drug usage, binge drinking, and alcoholism to the abuse of prescription medication and drug interaction, talented individuals are losing their lives to the disease.

Since 2007 alone, we’ve lost highly recognized musicians, actors, athletes, and singers, including the following:

How could people who appear to have it all, have enormous talent, and have accomplished so much have the same inner demons, thoughts, and beliefs many of us have? It’s because addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, famous, black, white, male, female, intelligent, a blue-collar worker, or if you live in Clive, Iowa, or Beverly Hills California. The famous struggle with addiction just like we do, and if they’re not careful and in recovery, their demons will get the best of them.

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