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Overcoming Drug Addiction

overcoming drug addiction - man and woman opposite sides of a door - great oaks recovery centerIs it possible for your loved one to overcome drug addiction?

There have probably been times when you felt hopeless that your loved one will ever get on the path to long-term recovery. You may have already spent much of your time begging, pleading, and threatening your loved one to get them to stop their drug use.

Or, maybe your loved one has already been through treatment but continues to relapse. Maybe you think your loved one isn’t trying hard enough. You are exhausted, and nothing good seems to last.

When you feel discouraged, remember that residential treatment is just a first step.

Those who are serious about recovery continue their journey long after rehab. This can come in the form of attending weekly (or daily) meetings, counseling, outreach, meditation, journaling, and other self-reflection methods. If your loved one leaves treatment and engages fully in the recovery process, that’s good news. Still, it may create additional challenges for you. You may be left wondering how you fit into their new life when all of their time seems to go toward their own healing and when their new social group doesn’t include you.

If you’re finding it difficult to be in relationship with your loved one, whether they are in recovery or still in active addiction, consider Al-Anon.

Through the support of Al-Anon philosophy and the people you will meet there, you will learn how to live your life and explore your own growth and healing process. You’ll learn that even though you don’t have a drug addiction, you still need recovery. You will learn how to care for your loved one without enabling them or compromising your own health.

If you or someone you love is in need of alcohol or drug treatment, contact us anytime at (713) 769-0102. We are here to help.