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Rehab Admissions Process

rehab admissions process - women interviewing - great oaks recovery centerYou or your loved one has resolved to seek professional help with an addiction problem, so what’s next?

After doing research to decide which treatment center best fits your individual needs, the next step will be the rehab admissions process. What does this entail?

Most drug and alcohol treatment facilities do their very best to ensure that the admissions process is as simple and stress-free as possible for clients and their loved ones. In fact, some addiction rehabilitation centers have intake consultants and/or licensed clinicians in place 24 hours a day so that assessments and admissions can occur around the clock.

The rehab admissions process typically begins with a phone call to the treatment center you have selected to help you or your loved one get well and begin building a life free from substance abuse. Most treatment centers offer a free and confidential assessment to make sure that they are a good fit for you. Treatment consultants will want to find out more information regarding your personal situation and what your needs are. At this time, intake consultants will answer any questions you or your family may have regarding admissions or treatment. These compassionate professionals understand the apprehensions associated with taking this huge step toward recovery and are dedicated to helping you through. In addition, insurance questions regarding benefits and coverage can often be addressed at this point in the rehab admissions process. Some addiction treatment facilities will even begin making payment and travel arrangements with you and your loved ones during this initial phone call. Many facilities tours as well and will arrange for you to visit prior to enrolling in their program.

The above parts of a typical admissions process can be handled over the phone, but what happens when you arrive at treatment? Intake counselors or other qualified addiction professionals will help get you checked into treatment. If personal items are allowed, they will be inspected to ensure a safe environment for the other clients. Some treatment centers will require a drug test as part of their rehab admissions process. At this point, most addiction treatment centers will have you or your loved one meet one-on-one with a consulting physician and counselor to get a complete assessment of your physical health and drug and alcohol history. The next step is usually to begin formulating a treatment plan with your addiction counselor. It is very common for treatment facilities to offer individualized treatment plans.


To find out more about the stress-free admissions process at Great Oaks Recovery Center, contact us anytime at (877) 977-3268. All calls are confidential.