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Synthetic Drugs Rehabs: A Path to Lasting Recovery

The rise of synthetic drugs is happening all over the world at an alarmingly fast rate.

These drugs can also be referred to as designer drugs because they are manufactured using chemicals instead of natural additives. Many people use these man-made drugs thinking that they are actually safer than street drugs. But there is no such thing as a safe synthetic drug. As law enforcement begins to catch up with the newest man-made drugs, the people creating them begin to alter the chemical composition in order to make these drugs legal. The synthetic drugs do not come with a detailed list of ingredients, nor do they accurately display what side effects may occur. There really is no way of knowing exactly what is in a designer drug.

The rise of synthetic drugs has led to horrifying displays of mania.

Although all synthetic drugs have ghastly side effects, Flakka seems to have some of the most violent and terrifying. This substance is similar to bath salts, and its effects resemble that of amphetamines, except much more extreme. People who take this drug appear to have completely gone out of their minds. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids describes the short-term effects of Flakka, which include “hyper-stimulation, paranoia and hallucinations. It can dangerously raise body temperature and lead to kidney damage and failure. Flakka can also lead to violent aggression and self-injury, and has been linked to suicides and heart attacks.” Many people who begin using this drug are either unaware of the horrendous effects or don’t take them seriously.

Many people on probation begin using these designer drugs because they think probation officers and correctional facilities will be unable to test for them.

One such designer drug is K2, which is synthetic marijuana. Many facilities are catching on to this new wave of man-made drugs and have begun developing ways to properly test for them. If you or someone you love is using an unsafe substance or drug because they just can’t stay sober, professional treatment is the answer. You don’t have to live life desperately searching out that next high and potentially causing long-term health issues or even death. The answer certainly doesn’t reside in man-made, synthetic drugs.

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