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Social Acceptance of Drug Abuse

Let’s face it. There’s a huge drug epidemic in our country.

social acceptance of drug abuse - watching tv - great oaks recoveryEverywhere we turn we’re bombarded with news stories, pictures, videos, songs, or social media posts related to the use and abuse of drugs.

We’ve seen parents allowing their underage teens to throw parties and drink. We’ve seen parents forget their baby in a car because they were so high on drugs. We’ve even seen parents use drugs with their teens. We’ve seen our favorite celebrities smoke marijuana on camera. We’ve seen all the elaborate things selling drugs can buy.

On the flip-side, we’ve seen the suicides and accidental overdoses of the rich and famous. We’ve seen more deaths due to driving while under the influence and the devastation that causes. But we’ve become numb to it all because we’ve seen it all so much.

Who’s to blame for the drug use epidemic in our country?

We all are. When we find it funny to post a video of someone inebriated or passed out. When we glorify celebrities who use drugs and deny their addictions. When we let our friends drive while inebriated. When we are too afraid to set boundaries for our children. When we stigmatize drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Addiction is a devastating disease, but there is hope. The more we educate ourselves and others about drug and alcohol use, the more we can encourage compassion and understanding.


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