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Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

spirituality and addiction recovery - prayer circle - great oaks recovery centerMany doctors and addiction specialists can agree that spirituality and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand.

Treatment facilities understand this link between clinical treatment and spiritual recovery and that when the two work together, the results are more than just promising. Doctors can identify what the root of addiction is or explain that it is, indeed, a disease with no cure, but in the realm of spirituality, definitions are not so cut and dry. After all, spirituality cannot be measured with instruments or tested in blood. So how do we measure the effect of spirituality?

The spiritual aspect of recovery is seen through the experiences of others.

This is why therapists and counselors like to incorporate group sessions into treatment plans. This allows people in all stages of recovery to see growth and development in others. Spirituality and addiction recovery are usually combined in treatment facilities by providing a therapeutic community as well as spiritual practices. Some of these spiritual practices or techniques can be experienced in the form of holistic treatment (such as acupuncture), yoga and exercise, and meditation. Addiction specialists and healthcare professionals rely on the 12 steps of recovery as a means to incorporate spirituality into recovery.

The combination of spirituality and clinical treatment helps counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists provide a multilayered approach to treatment. Because addiction is such a complex disease, it takes sophisticated treatment tactics. Combining spirituality and addiction recovery can be found in accredited treatment facilities. Proper research is key to finding the right facility for you or your loved one that will provide the best chance of long-term sobriety.

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