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sponsorship in alcoholics anonymous - two women talking on bench - great oaks recovery

Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

sponsorship in alcoholics anonymous - two women talking on bench - great oaks recovery It has been said that no one can communicate with someone in addiction recovery better than another person in addiction recovery, which is why sponsorship is so important.

Two people who have struggled with a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body can work extremely well together. This may come as a surprise to some non-addicted family members who have tried everything in their power to be helpful.

Sponsorship through a 12-step recovery group like Alcoholics Anonymous means that you have someone to take you by the hand and lead you through the steps.

The steps are not meant to be worked on your own. Sobriety is a new thing for many clients, and it is extremely important to get plugged into the recovery community early. This includes home groups and sober functions. Sponsors help newly sober people get out of their comfort zone and begin exploring their new sober lives.

It is important to remember that sponsors are people, and that they make mistakes just like everyone else.

Therefore, resist the temptation to make your sponsor your Higher Power or to put them on a pedestal. Instead, find someone who has something that you want: a sense of ease, a great sense of humor, compassion, humility, etc. Relate to your sponsor as you would to a good friend whom you respect, or a mentor. A sponsor should be someone you can trust and with whom you can discuss your deepest concerns.

As important as sponsorship is, professional treatment is still encouraged. Individual counseling from an addictions counselor is a wonderful addition to recovery.

Sponsorship in a 12-step program is a way to give back.

As you grow in your sobriety, you may find that you want to help others the same way your sponsor has helped you. Becoming a sponsor is a wonderful way to serve your community and to strengthen your own recovery.

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