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Ways To Have Fun While Sober

Getting sober can be scary. Many individuals believe once they have committed to sobriety, they will never have fun again. Those of us who have been in recovery know this is not the case. Sobriety clears the cobwebs and opens so many possibilities – and FUN is one of them.

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Ways to have fun in the outdoors:

  • Go for a hike or a walk and take in everything! How about some pictures to go with it?
  • Go camping, to the mountains, or to the beach!
  • Go surfing or play a round of golf! (Miniature golf counts!)
  • Have a picnic and pack all your favorite foods!
  • Soak up the sun or play in the rain with a Frisbee!

Ways to have fun while getting being health-conscious:

  • Do yoga. For some, the “OM” is fun!
  • Join a gym or a dance class. Remember: endorphins are legal and FREE!
  • Start a softball league. The camaraderie of team sports + a little competition = FUN!
  • Try a new healthy recipe and gather some ‘testers’!

Ways to have fun with a group of sober friends:

  • Have a board game night where everyone brings an old board game from childhood. Think Twister and Operation!
  • See a movie….skip the “Terms of Endearment” films and go for a comedy….splurge on those Red Vines too!
  • Go to a comedy club – laughing is fun. Period.
  • Play laser tag or bowling. You’ve always wanted to – so do it!

Ways to have fun when you’re alone:

  • Read that book you’ve been wanting to. Yes! – That book!
  • Learn to play an instrument. C’mon – you know you’ve rocked the air-guitar many times.
  • Sing! LOUD!
  • Start a scrap book, paint, color, knit, etc. Get those creativity juices flowing!

And lastly, find a 12-Step fellowship! By attending meetings, giving service, and practicing gratitude, you will soon develop your own ways to have fun. You will build connections and have more friends than you ever could have imagined, and the opportunities for sober fun will be endless.

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