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The Benefits of Family Therapy During Recovery

line art illustration of hands reaching toward heart - family therapySubstance abuse and addiction can stem from many places. It may result from our influences as a child, from traumatic or embarrassing experiences, or even from a history of addiction in the family tree. No matter where the addiction gets it start, when it enters the dynamic and delicate ecosystem of a family home, it affects everyone involved.

Addiction Affects the Entire Family

Alcohol and drugs can make their way into any household, affluent or struggling, multi-generational or traditional. Addiction does not discriminate. Because addiction affects the entire household, integrating the household into the recovery process can help ensure long-term healing for everyone involved.

Family therapy, for example, is one therapeutic option that involves the close family members of the person struggling with addiction and helps the family group learn about addiction and the types of behaviors that trigger or enable it. A professional therapist or counselor who is able to work closely with the entire family unit can help those living in the home feel more comfortable dealing with situations that may arise surrounding substance abuse and addiction.

How Our Family Program Helps

Great Oaks offers a dynamic family program that explores some of the most common concerns and questions that may arise while supporting a loved one through the addiction recovery process. This program is designed to help dissect some of the day-to-day situations that may arise in the home and offer ways to deal with these events. Our family program helps family members to understand the disease of addiction and how to begin forgiving each other and rebuilding trust.

We provide a safe space, supported by a professional staff of therapists and medical healthcare providers, to help ensure the success of this program. By offering families this opportunity to be involved in the recovery process and to discuss delicate issues like intimacy, finances, and fears, we allow families the chance to express their needs and learn how to best support each other.

Understanding and integrating what is learned during the substance recovery process is not an easy task. Having even just one family member who understands how to effectively integrate a 12-step program into the home life, how to create a safe environment, how to effectively communicate, and how to be aware of potential addiction triggers can be crucial to a successful recovery.

It is very common for families to struggle to understand addiction and the lifestyle changes recovery requires. By taking an active role in your loved one’s recovery process through family therapy, you support their health, your own health, and the health of the entire family.

Family therapy will not make your family problems disappear. What it will do is help you have the courage to communicate openly and honestly, to be patient with each other, to be firm in your boundaries, and to seek support as needed.

Let Our Family Help Your Family

Great Oaks is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding any of our programs. We are accepting new patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, following all CDC-recommended guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. We are here for you and your entire family. Contact us today.

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