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what to expect in recovery from addiction - recovery - great oaks recovery center

What to Expect During a Loved One’s Recovery From Addiction

what to expect in recovery from addiction - recovery - great oaks recovery centerIt’s often hard to know what to expect in recovery from addiction, especially if you are the loved one or family member.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that you are not in control of your loved one’s recovery; they have to accept responsibility. Professional treatment can help you identify the role you play in the life of your loved one. It can also help you establish and maintain boundaries, which can ultimately strengthen your relationship over time. Staff trained and certified in addiction treatment can help you differentiate between helpful behaviors and enabling tendencies. What to expect in recovery from addiction is that you don’t have to do it alone.

Just as your loved one is struggling with an addiction to a certain chemical or substance, you and other family members are suffering from addiction to helping your loved one. 

We become fixated with what they are doing, whether or not they are safe, or if they have ended up back in jail. But you do not have to feel responsible for the action of others. You are in control of your side of the street.

A fellowship that consists of the family members of people suffering from addiction is a great way to share your personal experience, strength, and hope.

Al-Anon is a great meeting place for people to discuss solutions to living with someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs.

What to expect from your loved one’s addiction differs from person to person.

If your loved one enters addiction treatment with a trusted and researched facility, participate in any family programming that is offered. Watching someone you love struggle with addiction can be excruciating, but it is not something you have to do alone.

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