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Living With an Alcoholic

living with an alcoholic - couple arguing - great oaks recovery centerLiving with someone who is in active alcohol addiction or who has relapsed frequently can be exhausting.

Watching a loved one suffer from addiction is stressful, unpredictable and heartbreaking. If you are a parent, you have even more responsibility as you attempt to take care of your partner as well as the children.

If you are feeling constantly angry, resentful and exhausted, consider joining an Al-Anon group. 

Al-Anon was created for people like you–loved ones of someone suffering from addiction. Al-Anon can help reassure you that your loved one’s addiction is not your fault. The people you meet there can help you learn how to take care of yourself.

One of Al-Anon’s slogans states:

“I didn’t CAUSE it, I can’t CONTROL it, and I can’t CURE it.”

Alcoholism is a family disease. You can choose to be happy regardless of your loved one’s addiction. You can know that you are not alone. You’ll learn that you are responsible for taking care of yourself. You are responsible only for your own feelings, actions and behaviors, and your loved one is responsible for theirs.

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