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Opiate Withdrawal Duration

opiate withdrawal duration - woman with head in hands - great oaks recovery centerOpiate withdrawal duration and symptoms are different for everyone, and it’s often difficult to predict how individuals will react and how long the opiate withdrawal duration will last.

To understand the effects and duration of an opiate withdrawal duration, we will break it down into early, peak, and late stages.

Symptoms in the early stages are typically present within 8 to 16 hours of one’s last usage.

In this first stage, the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms may feel like the beginning of a cold or flu. This may also include dilated pupils, involuntary twitching, anxiety, restlessness, and fear of withdrawal. These symptoms are typically mild; however, they will increase in severity over the course of a few hours and may involve mild body aches.

Usually the peak of an opiate withdrawal begins approximately 36 hours after usage.

The symptoms experienced in the early stage will increase, and one may experience an increased moodiness, agitation and an onset of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This phase of the opiate withdrawal duration is usually the most uncomfortable, lasting 48 to 72 hours. Without managed care, it’s common for people to use again just to stop the painful withdrawal experience.

The last stage of the opiate withdrawal duration usually starts from 10 to 13 days of last use.

This is the shortest stage, when most physical symptoms seem to diminish. The psychological withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, nervousness, and weakness of muscles, may persist, but these can be significantly reduced with help from a medical team and a treatment program.

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