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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms - Great Oaks Recovery Houston Alcohol Rehab Center - Texas Drug Rehab Center

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms - Great Oaks Recovery Houston Alcohol Rehab Center - Texas Drug Rehab Center When someone drinks alcohol heavily and regularly enough, their bodies come to rely upon a certain amount of alcohol to function normally, so when they try to stop or reduce their consumption, alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin. The onset and severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous or even deadly. If you’re experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, seek medical attention immediately, so you can be monitored and properly detoxed.

How do I know if I am experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

Here are some moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

  • Am I experiencing anxiety?
  • Am I having trouble thinking clearly?
  • Am I irritable and having mood swings?
  • Am I experiencing depression?
  • Am unsteady, shaky, or jumpy?
  • Do I have clammy skin and/or sweating?
  • Do I have a headache?
  • Am I experiencing trouble sleeping or insomnia?
  • Am I unable to eat due to a loss of appetite?
  • Does my skin appear pale?
  • Am I feeling dehydrated?
  • Am I feeling extremely sensitive to light and sound?

More severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can occur as well. These are usually referred to as “delirium tremens,” or “DTs,” and include:

  • Am I nauseated/vomiting or have diarrhea?
  • Am I running a fever?
  • Am I experiencing hallucinations or seeing things that aren’t really there?
  • Have I had a seizure?
  • Am I extremely confused?
  • Am I having trouble controlling the movements of parts of my body?
  • Am I experiencing tremors affecting my hands and/or other parts of my body?
  • Am I feeling dehydrated?
  • Do I experiencing rapid breathing?
  • Is my heart rate rapid?

Detoxification is needed if you are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is preferable to seek out treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms at a detox center that is familiar and experienced with alcohol withdrawal symptoms to ensure you receive the best care and are comfortable throughout the process.

At times, people may believe they do not need to go to detox. They may have a multitude of excuses for why they should not or need not go to detox:

  • It’s not that bad.
  • I didn’t drink that much.
  • Detox might cost me money.
  • It’s going to be painful.
  • It’ll take too long.
  • I can detox myself.
  • I’ve been through it before, and I’m not going through it again.
  • I’ll be fine without it.
  • They might suggest I go to a treatment program.

No matter the circumstance, if you’re suffering from painful alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is best to seek detox. Your life depends on it. During drinking, the body came to depend on a certain amount of alcohol to operate normally, so when drinking is stopped many functions go haywire. There may be many reasons or excuses, but none of them are worth your life. Seek help to overcome alcohol withdrawal symptoms safely and securely.

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