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Sober Bars: A Rising Trend

Sober Bars - friends at a nightclub - great oaks recovery centerLet’s play word association – I say BAR, you say (fill in the blank). I say NIGHTLIFE, you say (fill in the blank). I say PARTYING, you say (fill in the blank).

If the words you came up with were booze, alcohol, drinks, shots, drunk, dancing, or liquor – you’ve guessed the top answers. But what if I told you there’s something new… sober bars. Would you believe me? Well, the growing trend among Millennials is partying without the Pinot and bars without booze.

From LA to New York, sober bars are popping up like Starbucks, bringing a new option to partying and socializing without drugs or alcohol.

Partying without liquid courage? It is possible. But are these sober bars a rising trend only among those in addiction recovery? While they do provide a safe environment for those in recovery, it has been reported that not only the sober enjoy this atmosphere. According to The Guardian, sober bars are not full of those in recovery but rather the “living clean” group who value mindfulness, yoga, and green juice. These Millennials are the new 60’s generation of love, peace, self-care and awareness – ready to sport who they are with confidence to those with a clear mind.

Are sober bars a rising trend in the nightclub world?

We don’t know – yet. What we do know is that whether you are in sobriety or choosing not to drink, you can still have fun and excitement.  The icing on the cake, or rather the ‘garnish on the glass’ is no more blackouts and no more killer hangovers!

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