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3 Tips for Staying Positive in Recovery

staying positive in recovery - stay positive note - great oaks recovery centerLet’s be honest – recovery from any addiction is not an overnight fix. It takes daily work, determination, and a deep desire to change. It also takes a shift in attitude – because when it gets tough (and it will), staying positive in recovery can be the key to your sobriety.

We believe participating in a 12-Step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous is essential to keeping one grounded in sobriety. In addition, we offer below 3 tips for staying positive in recovery.

Commitment, Sponsorship, and Gratitude:

The commitment to a 12-Step program is essential in recovery. This includes but is not limited to attending meetings, studying the Big Book, and learning from others who have traveled this path.  With this also comes communication. Feelings of guilt, shame and fear are common in early recovery.  It is essential for the newly sober to open the lines of communication by talking about any feelings that hinder their serenity. Commitment and communication help rebuild intimacy and trust that were compromised by addiction.

The second of the 3 tips for staying positive in recovery is finding a sponsor and the learning about the spiritual aspects of the program.  Those who have sobriety through a 12-Step program know the gift of finding a sponsor.  Ideally, a sponsor leads by example, rebuilds trust, and helps the newly sober work all 12 steps of the program. A sponsor can also help a person get in touch with their higher power. This is the spiritual aspect of staying positive in recovery that many believe to have saved their lives. By turning to a power greater than themselves, people in recovery learn how to surrender and ask for help. 

The last of the 3 tips for staying positive in recovery is to practice gratitude and giving back.  Practicing gratitude reminds us where we were and how far we’ve come. Having gratitude for the help you’ve received along the way helps you stay optimistic about the future. Giving back the beautiful lessons you have learned seals the deal. Sharing in meetings, welcoming a newcomer, giving someone your phone number, and living sober by example are some of the ways to give back.

These 3 steps for staying positive in recovery have proven to help those in recovery live a happy, joyous, and free life.


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