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Using Social Media to Support Recovery

Social media is becoming increasingly popular with all generations around the world. The National Institute of Health reports that one in four individuals use social media platforms in some capacity, and that number is rising daily. They also have strong research that suggests just how influential social media can be on our mental health and stability. 

Social media effortlessly connects individuals from across the globe with the simple click of a button. It offers an outlet of self-expression, the ability to connect with like-minded people, and also expands your scope of resources that may support you or your loved one’s recovery process. There are platforms for each type of communicator. From vision boards and photo-based news feeds to discussion threads and live demonstrations, the options are endless and constantly expanding. 

Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok are all platforms with millions of users. Each form of social media has strengths when it comes to supporting the recovery process. From virtual support groups to inspirational accounts led by individuals committed to sobriety, there is truly something positive everyone can take from proper use of social media platforms.

Of course, there are also negative aspects of social media use: it can foster negativity, lower self-esteem, or promote inaccurate information. Monitoring your own or a loved one’s social media use may be warranted, especially for those at the beginning of their recovery journey. 

Consider these resources when delving into the social media world for recovery support:

Podcasts to Support Addiction:

That Sober Guy: Hosted by Shane Ramer, an individual who has battled alcoholism and been sober for years, this podcast holds space for individuals who wish to express their recovery and sobriety stories. Shane interviews celebrities and common folk alike, allowing their stories to be heard and to inspire those in active recovery. 

The Bubble Hour: This female-led and provocative podcast dives deep into the more personal side of recovery from the female hosts’ perspectives. Although they are no longer creating new podcasts, their mission was to ultimately break stigmas around addiction and alcoholism through educational and inspirational conversation. Between the endless witty banter and straightforward observations, there may be some pearls of wisdom that can support you or your loved one during the transition to a sober lifestyle.
Others worth a listen: Recovery Radio, AfterPartyPod

Instagram Accounts for those in Recovery:

The Sober Glow: This account highlights one woman’s journey to recovery. Mia shares her journey through inspirational quotes, her own personal wisdom, recommended books, and much more! She may provide a sense of normalcy for those moving through recovery, as she is a bit older and can relate to the many types of individuals affected by addiction. 

Positively Present: Focusing on mental health and self-care routines may sound like an insurmountable task, but this Instagram account in particular takes a more light-hearted approach–using doodles! These quirky and colorful drawings promote positive physical and mental health. They may provide a daily bit of levity during the recovery process. 

Other accounts to check out: Spiritual_AF, Sober Mom Tribe, and Mamasayyesto

Helpful Facebook Groups:

Generation X Addiction Released: There are many specialized groups on Facebook that offer help on particular types of substance abuse. This group reaches thousands of users, helping them overcome the struggles of opioid addiction by providing a virtual community to confide in. Having a sense of support, even if it is behind a screen, may provide those in recovery more strength and inspiration to continue with their goal of sobriety. 

Other groups to explore: Recovery and sobriety and Addiction Unscripted

Social media, when used with discernment, is one of many valuable tools that can support the recovery process. At Great Oaks, we can help you choose the recovery resources that best suit your needs. Please never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We provide comprehensive, individualized addiction treatment.