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Why Do We Try Drugs?

why do we try drugs? - drugs - question marks - great oaks recovery centerWhy do we try drugs?

What is it in our psyche that persuades us to pick up that first joint? Or to take the pills? Do we make a conscious decision to do that line of cocaine, or are we already predisposed to do so? Perhaps both?

Some Answers:

One of the first reasons why we try drugs is because we are curious as to how they will make us feel. We may be intrigued by the seemingly glamorous social attention that comes with some drugs. Unfortunately, many of us who try drugs for the first time do not research the side effects of prolonged use. We are disillusioned into thinking that drug use is cool, pretty, or attractive, when in reality it is heartbreaking, degrading, and demoralizing. Many times people use for the first time when they are either a teenager or young adult.

Another reason why we try drugs is because we feel peer or family pressure. Peer pressure can be incredibly powerful, especially for teenagers or young adults.

A third reason people try drugs is in an attempt to self-medicate depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders.

While drug use may temporarily alleviate negative feelings, it can quickly spiral into a dependence and addiction that leave the person in an even worse situation with their mental health. In fact, it’s often difficult to tell which comes first: addiction or mental health disorder. Each feeds the other. In these cases, getting treatment at at a facility qualified to address co-occurring disorders is essential. This way, the mental health disorder and the addiction can be treated in tandem, increasing the chance of long-term recovery.

If you feel like someone close to you is using drugs, reach out to an accredited facility. Many facilities can help with an intervention. They can empower you with education, support, and the encouragement you need.

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