Effective Drug Treatment Methods

effective drug treatment methods - addiction drug rehabilitation sign - great oaks recovery centerThere are so many drug treatment centers available that when in need, it can be difficult in choosing the right one for your situation.

All treatment centers have different addiction and recovery philosophies and different effective drug treatment methods that may work. Whether it’s you or someone you love in need of help, it’s important to be educated in different treatment methods that are evidence-based, innovative and historically help those stay sober.

Since addiction affects the mind, body and spirit, it’s crucial to find a facility that encompasses effective drug treatment methods to heal each element. For example, healing the mind in recovery may include one or more of these effective drug treatment methods: Trauma therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group and family therapy, relapse prevention therapy and chronic relapse programming. All these treatment modalities work to heal the mind (and perception) in which addiction has destroyed.

In terms of healing the body, detoxification may be needed in order to stabilize one of any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms in order to focus on healing the mind and spirit.

Detoxification if needed is the first step in a recovery treatment plan. In addition, many treatment facilities offer a full health and wellness program which may include nutritional guidance and recreational therapies such as Yoga, hiking, etc. for optimal health. Many also offer platforms designed educate those on the direct affects alcoholism and substance abuse has on the body – inside and out.

Healing the spirit makes up for the third element, and usually includes the number one effective drug treatment method – Alcoholics Anonymous.

By participating in a spiritual program, those suffering begin to realize that they are powerless over their addiction, and they have a spiritual malady which needs to be healed. Thus, they begin to believe in power greater than themselves and work the 12-steps through guidance of someone who has worked them before. Through this program, men and women begin to understand that the alcohol or drug of choice is just the symptom of a bigger underlying issue. They learn to “peel the layers” of the onion to identify what their true addiction issues are and ask for guidance from that power to help lift their obsession and take away any quilt or shame that comes with it.

When searching for a treatment center, don’t be afraid to ask what effective drug treatment methods they use to heal these three elements. From there, ask about their staff, experience and credentials. Be an educated advocate – for yourself or a loved one – because any life is worth living free from addiction.

If you or someone you love is looking for effective drug treatment methods, contact Great Oaks Recovery Center anytime at (877) 977-3268. We can help.


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