Importance of Honesty in Recovery

importance of honesty in recovery - honesty integrity - great oaks recovery centerWe often see two types of people.

We see the addict or alcoholic who wants to recover and will uphold rigorous honesty to find the solution to his or her ills. But we also see the person who wants to recover just as much as anyone else, but he or she does not yet have the capacity to be honest.

The second person often struggles with 12-step work or counseling. The importance of honesty in recovery is one of the fundamental keystones to overcome addiction. It takes honesty to accept and understand that you really have a problem. It takes honesty to see that you have lost the power to control the amount of alcohol or drugs you put in your body.

When participating in a 12-Step program, a sponsor will tell a newcomer that “rigorous honesty” is needed to recover from addiction. Honesty is printed 19 times in the book Alcoholics Anonymous and in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. And when doing a 12-step program, the Big Book states, “Nothing counted but thoroughness and honesty.”

So the importance of honesty in recovery is crucial.

No one likes to admit that they cannot drink or use drugs like non-addicted people. The idea that an alcoholic or drug addict can control and enjoy their drinking or drug use like other people has to be abandoned.

The importance of honesty in recovery often is a deciding factor on whether someone can live a successful sober life. The people who do not recover are often those who are incapable of being honest.

You always hear people say that the first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem. But also going to a recovery center or doing step work with a sponsor takes continued honesty. You need to be able to look at yourself and take stock of root causes and conditions that are leading to your drinking and drug use.

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