15 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

15 warning signs of alcoholism - warning signs - great oaks recovery

Worrying over a loved one’s drinking can be overwhelming, confusing and painful.

Many of us are so confused that the alcoholic makes us believe everything is okay and we’re making a problem when there isn’t one. Addicts are pros at covering up their disease and can be crafty at pulling the wool over our eyes. Sadly, denying or not paying attention to the warning signs of alcoholism can cause a devastating outcome.

Although good at covering the disease of alcoholism, addiction is progressive and over time without intervention and treatment will only get worse. If we can be willing to open our eyes, the warning signs of alcoholism may be easier to spot.

The most common warning sign of alcoholism is secretly drinking, hiding or lying about drinking. The alcoholic doesn’t want any red flags to come up, so will hide bottles, drink before parties or will stash alcohol where it normally wouldn’t be kept. (i.e. under the bed, in the bathroom, etc.)

There are more, and below are 15 warning signs of alcoholism that tend to be the most common. (not in any order of importance.)

Since accepted socially, some of these 15 warning signs of alcoholism may be hard to detect.

1. Making excuses for drinking. (it’s a party, someone is coming over, need to unwind, etc)

2. Drinking at odd times. (Adding alcohol to morning juice, drinking right before bed, etc.)

3. Apologizing after a night out for behavior and having trouble in relationships.

Warning signs of alcoholism can also affect individual responsibilities.

4. Being late for work, important appointments, meetings or events.

5. Having unexpected absences or disappearing to run errands at odd times.

6. Passing blame and denying that bad things happen when one drinks.

7. Convincing self and others that a DUI or blackout was meant to be a lesson and it won’t happen again.

These 15 warning signs of alcoholism are physically and mentally apparent.

8. Frequent mood swings including rage, depression and sadness.

9. Shaking of hands, having a flushed face or red and blotchy skin.

10. Forgetting events, facts and entire portions of time.

11. Weight gain (yes, alcohol is calorie heavy!)

12. Hangovers seem to be getting worse.

13. Withdrawal such as tired, sadness and irritability until you have a drink.

And finally, the two biggest of the 15 warning signs of alcoholism are:

14. Not being able to stop drinking when has started.

15.. Deciding to quit but not being able to.


If you have a loved one showing signs of alcoholism, we are here to help. Contact us anytime at (877) 977-3268.


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  1. Harish Kumar

    Alcoholism is like a silent killer, alcohol addiction will be harmful to everyone health, awareness is much needed, keep doing this great work and keep sharing with us.


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