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Best Drug Rehab Programs: Choosing the Right One

Best Drug Rehab Programs - choosing the right one - man at counter - great oaks recovery centerWith all of the drug rehab programs available, it can feel overwhelming to try to find the one that will work best for you or your loved one.

Deciding that you or someone you love needs help is a tough first step.  What happens in the next few days is crucial since addiction is a disease of denial; in other words, someone who has agreed to treatment may change their mind if they don’t begin treatment quickly.

We list below some guidelines that will help you evaluate treatment centers and create a short list of programs to choose from. Then, we offer specific questions you should ask the treatment programs on your list.

Nine Important Criteria for Addiction Treatment Facilities

  • The facility should be certified and accredited. This will ensure that the programs meet industry standards and that the facility is financially stable.
  • The facility offers both residential and outpatient treatment. You’ll want to have both options available for different levels of care. 
  • The facility offers dual diagnosis treatment. Many addictive behaviors co-occur with a mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. The facility should be able to a) determine whether a co-occurring disorder exists and b) treat it in conjunction with the substance use disorder.
  • The facility offers a long-term treatment (at least 90 days) option, should that be required.  
  • The facility has detox capabilities or is connected with a nearby hospital that does. If you or your loved one have been using heavily, detox will probably be required.
  • The facility offers both individual and group therapy from qualified professionals.
  • The facility offers holistic treatments to address whole-person health.
  • The facility engages with 12-step principles.
  • The facility respects gender and cultural needs. and diversity.

Questions to Ask

About the Facility:

  • What are the credentials of the staff? Which staff are available around-the-clock?
  • What are the rules for clients? What should a client bring for their stay?
  • What is the success rate, and how is this measured?


  • What is a daily schedule like?
  • How long is the average stay in residential treatment?
  • Do they encourage and provide opportunities for aftercare?
  • What support do they have for family members?

The Cost:

  • What is the cost of treatment?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Does the treatment facility accept insurance?

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