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Do Addicted Celebrities Make Substance Abuse Seem Glamorous?

Do Addicted Celebrities Make Substance Abuse Seem Glamorous?

Do Addicted Celebrities Make Substance Abuse Seem Glamorous? Many people follow the in’s and out’s of celebrity lives.

From the outside looking in, our favorite musicians, actors, and models seem to have what most of us would say is success: a big house, big paycheck, expensive car, access to the latest fashions and accessories and a small army of people to keep their life on track.

All of this sounds great, until you look more closely and see the cracks in the classic celebrity lifestyle.

Not only is the celebrity divorce rate quite high, but there seems to be a lot of famous people who struggle with substance abuse. You could explain some of this away by saying to yourself that people who are drawn to the entertainment industry tend to be passionate, intense personalities that could be more difficult to sustain a long-term relationship with. They may also be more insecure due to their chosen profession, which is based on having to prove themselves to get hired repeatedly.

While these points may have some merit, other types of jobs don’t have the same aura about them or the same potential to influence others. Celebrities are in a unique position. For some people viewing their lifestyle from the outside, learning about their substance abuse can make it seem glamorous.

Looking at the Celebrity Lifestyle and Substance Abuse

In our fast-paced culture where celebrities are seeking attention from media and being much more open than in previous generations, it seems as though very little is kept completely private anymore. People in the public eye are open about their diet, exercise routine, sexual preferences, and many more pieces of information that would have been unthinkable to share just a few years ago.

Several celebrities have been quite forthcoming about their struggles with substance abuse. The press may not necessarily report when someone famous makes a public appearance under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unless they are stopped by police or involved in an accident or some type of altercation. However, the media does report when someone checks into a treatment facility.

When a fan reads about her favorite celebrity being admitted to an inpatient treatment facility to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, there is a danger when the media reports seem to gloss over the seriousness of the situation. A young person who dreams of time in the spotlight and the glamour of a celebrity lifestyle may not get the message about the potential harm that substance abuse can cause, unless the celebrity in question specifically decides to become a sober role model.

There Are Important Details Missing from Celebrity Stories

The average person reading about a celebrity going to rehab likely doesn’t realize that the celebrity has the financial resources to afford a rehab center anywhere in the world. The celebrity doesn’t have to wait for approval from an insurance provider or struggle to find a treatment center that offers financial assistance.

In the typical rehab story, a celebrity disappears from view for a time and then reappears, looking healthier and well-rested. He has a new lease on life after getting help but is unlikely to talk about how difficult it was to get to the root of the addiction or how staying sober is now going to be a lifelong journey taken one day at a time.

Celebrity rehab stories definitely don’t talk about continuing care and needing continuing support after finishing a residential treatment program. They often gloss over how their family was involved in their treatment plan. It’s like celebrities are somehow different from the rest of us, and nothing really bad ever touches them.

There Is Nothing Glamorous About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

There is nothing glamorous about someone having a substance abuse problem. It’s a medical condition that has the potential to be fatal. Early intervention with professional treatment is the best approach to help those affected to become sober, whether they are a celebrity or not.

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